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Israel/Islam and Jihad: Up-to-date Articles

Before October 27, 2017, this page linked to articles on Israel. After that date, articles on Islam and Jihad are being added.

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166Millions Of Jews Have Begun Searching For The Messiah, Atonement (092215)

Israeli Deterrence Holds Against Iran in Syria — For Now (121217)
(A recent surge in Israeli strikes on targets in Syria appears to suggest a new Israeli urgency to block Iran’s spread into the war-torn country. So far, neither Iran nor its terror proxies have retaliated.)
Hanukkah And The End Times (121217)(The reign of Antiochus bears many parallels to the End Times and carries powerful lessons for the final end time generation.)
U.S., Israel, Saudis working ‘hand in hand’ on new peace deal (121117)
(A much-overlooked motive for President Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is to jump-start the Middle East peace process, and do it on terms more favorable to Israel, experts on the Middle East tell WND.)
“Eurosion”: Muslim Majority In Thirty Years? (121217)(One of the most debated arguments about Muslims in Europe is the “Eurabia” claim: that high birth rates and immigration will make Muslims the majority on the continent within a few decades.)
The crime: walking while jewish (Video)(120312)
Anti-Israel Activists Reveal True Nature With Jerusalem Protests (121117)
Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration Sparks Talk Of 3rd Temple (121117)
Bacon used in hate crime: Man gets 15 years in mosque vandalism (120817)
Public Schools Requires Students To Learn 5 Pillars of Islam and Use Prayer Rugs (News Report)
Pope Francis Angry at Trump; Says Jerusalem Belongs to Muslims (120817)
New Palestinian Curriculum Even More Radical Than Before (120817)
A Two State Solution For Europe? (120817)
Will God Bless Trump For Moving Our Embassy To Jerusalem? (120817)
It’s Time for the U.S. to Recognize Reality: Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital! (120617)
U.S. BRACES FOR VIOLENCE AT EMBASSIES AROUND MUSLIM WORLD AS DONALD TRUMP NEARS JERUSALEM MOVE (120717)(Google “Arab World Prepares Response To Trump Declaration On Jerusalem” for many more related articles)
Survey Finds Waning Support for Israel Among Millennial Evangelical Christians (120517)
Saudis Lurking Behind Trump’s Jerusalem Plan (120617)
Drumbeats Of Ezekiel 38 – Israel Bombs Iranian Base In Syria (120417)
Who Will Be the Next Head of Global Jihad? (111917)
Jerusalem Is About To Become A Cup Of Trembling As Trump Considers Historic Move (120117)
ISIS’ Next Plan: Ticking Time-Bomb Kids In Europe (120117)
Israel’s New Underground Wall Is Latest Round in ‘Competition’ with Gaza Terrorist (112817)
Dems Encourage Use of Palestinian Child Terrorists With New Bill (112917)
‘Ignorant infidels’ in U.S. may have to be ‘forced’ to accept Islam (112717)
Trump Rescues The Palestinians…Again
Netanyahu Warns Assad: We’ll Strike If You Let Iran Set Up Bases In Syria (112817)
Palestinian Education – Raising The Next Generation To Hate (112717)
Europe: Destroyed By The West’s Indifference? (112717)
Radical Members Of Congress Oppose Israel Arresting Teen Terrorists (112217)

Quran Sneaking into Christian Settings (112217)
Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan Takes Shape – And It’s Not Good (112117)
The U.S. Middle East Peace Plan? (111717)
Islamic Scholars Gather To Discuss Destroying Israel (111517)
Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan Takes Shape – And It’s Not Good (111517)
Shifting Demographics Mean More Muslims Than Jews In US (111517)
Saudis Allying With … Israel? (111417)
Israel’s Population Booming As Other Nations Decline (111417)
Christmas In An Islamized Europe ()
The Big New Palestinian Lie (111317)
The Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah Connection (110917)
US Education Training Next Generation To Demonize Israel While Defending Islam (110917)
Hezbollah To Leave Syria In 2018 To Prepare For Conflict With Israel (110917)
American vs Palestinian Rock Throwers – Why The Double Standard? (110817)
NEW VIDEO: Can $1.3 Billion Destroy Israel? (Video: 110717)
Is Saudi Arabia Heading For War With Iran? (110717)
For Palestinians Balfour Is The Original Sin Of The Middle East (110717)
Israel’s Tunnel Wars Only Just Beginning (110617)
Past And Present Bonds Converge For Israel, Australia & New Zealand (110317)
UN Launches ‘Unprecedented’ $1.3 billion Legal Campaign Against Israel (110217)
Growing Turkey-Russia Alliance Portends Echoes of Ezekiel 38 (103017)
Poking America In The Eye – Palestinians Continue To Erect Saddam Hussein Statue (103017)
The next Mid-East Wars? Where will the U.S. stand? (102717)
Social Media Censoring Those Who Counter Jihad (102717)
Hezbollah To Leave Syria In 2018 To Prepare For Conflict With Israel (October 26, 2017)
Fatah Admits Its True Goals — But the Media Won’t Retweet (102517)
UN Condemns Israel’s Presence In Jerusalem To Mark Israel’s Independence Day (050317)
War if Embassy is moved to Jerusalem? (012717)
BREAKING: Trump STUNS With Pick For Ambassador To Israel…The Left Goes INSANE (010716)
The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian Civilization (010117)
10 Previous Times America Faced Major Disaster After Attempting To Divide Israel (122716)
Revealed: Likud Saved Israel From This Peace Plan Of The Left (062116)
Jerusalem marks 49th anniversary of historic reunification (060616)
‘Lost Tribe’ Of Bnei Menashe From India To Make Aliyah To Israel (060316)
The Politics Of Appeasement – The ‘National Security’ Excuse (060116)(Ever wonder why it is that Congress passes so many strongly pro-Israel bills, yet they never seem to be implemented?)
High Profile Temple Activist Joins Netanyahu Government (060116)
Burning Israel: Sanders’ vision for the Democratic Party (052616)
BDS: Israel Supporters See Successes and Challenges With Protestant Churches (052716)
Bernie Sanders Taps Prominent Critics of Israel for Democratic Platform Committee (052416)
Did France Get The Memo? (051616)
Israel at 68: A Record to Be Proud Of (051116)
Meet the First Muslim Mayor of London (050916)
Britain’s “Routine and Commonplace” Anti-Semitism (050316)
Preview Of Peace Summit- France Votes To Deny Jewish Connection To Temple Mount (050316)
Pro-Israel Organization Prepares For UN Battle As It Surpasses 3 Million Members (050616)
UN Rejects Israel’s Claim To The Golan Heights As Top Rabbis Await The Messiah’s Imminent Arrival (042716)
Final Peace Accord To Be Forced Upon Israel This Fall? (042816)
Obama’s Blatant Double Standard Toward Netanyahu Revealed On European Tour (042616)
‘If Israel had done that’ (042116)
The Prophetic Significance Of Israel’s New National Holiday (042016)
Third Temple Closer Than Ever as Search Begins for Eligible Jewish Priests (033016)(For more on this google “Priests And Sacrifice – Rebuilt Temple Moves Closer To Reality.”)
Peace Treaties That Don’t Bring Peace (040716)
Obama Opposes New Pro-Israel Measures, Will Not Follow Provisions to Help Jewish State (022516)
Irrational Anti-Semitism: The UN, Aliens and Robots (040916)
It’s Getting Ugly: Anti-Israel Hate at the United Church of Christ (032116)
How Powerful Is Israel’s Military Compared To Rest Of World? (032916)
Israel: Human Rights And UN Wrongs (032216)
Kerry To World: Let’s Gang Up On Israel (031816)
Obama’s Poisoned Gift To Israel Before He Leaves Office (031616)
Methodists Restarting BDS War Against Israel (030916)
A War Like No Other: Israel V. Hezbollah (012915)
Obama Administration: UN Resolution To Divide Israel Is Back In Play (03_16)
33 Hours for 33 Jews Murdered in ‘Terror Wave’ (022916)(For more on this, google US Funds PA Terrorists, Winks At Abbas Corruption, While Chiding Israel)
The Anti-Israel Bias And The Death Of Journalism (022316)(This is the type secular media journalism (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Austin American Statesman, etc.) that has been going on since I started becoming aware of secular media reporting in the 1960s while in high school. Here the reporter just relates it to reporting on Israel.)
Is Israel Warming To Jesus? (021816)
Clinton E-mails Reveal Barrage Of Anti_Israel Counsel (021216)
Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it from ‘wild beasts’
Is The World Turning Its Back On Israel In Fulfillment Of Prophecy? (102615)
Israel’s Homegrown Islamic Threat Grows Larger (011816)
Politics War and Culture
Palestinians: The Real Goal of the Intifada (112915) 
Jewish Lives Just Don’t Matter…As Much (111715)
Future Of Security: Israeli Model Shows High Cost Of Living With Terror Threat (111815) 
Palestinian Incitement/Conspiracies Continue – Blame Israel For Paris Massacre (111615) 
Spy Vs Spy – Israel And The US (032415)
Palestinians Fear Surveillance Cameras Will Expose The Truth About The Temple Mount (110315)
Anti-Israel Activist With History Of Exploiting Children Given Access To NY 3rd Graders (092015)
Walmart: Satan Is Fine, But Not Israeli Soldier Costume (102815)
10 Things About The Latest Wave Of Jihad Attacks (102115)
Did John Kerry Just Help Set The Stage For The Fulfillment Of Bible Prophecy? (102715)
Dangerous Narratives – Replacing The Jewish Messiah Of The Bible With A Palestinian Martyr (102615) 
The Subtle Propaganda Battle Over Maps Of Israel (102215)
Israelis Stabbed In The Back — By Terrorists And Obama (101615)
Social Media Intifada – The Poisoning Of The Arab Mind (101915)
Gog Magog War:
 Russian Military Advancements On Display In Syria (101415)
Will The Discovery Of Huge Amounts Of Oil In Israel Lead To War In The Middle East? (100715)
Gog Magog War: 
The Growing Russia/China Alliance (100615)
As World Turns On Israel – Christian Support For Israel Grows (100615)
Disturbing Signs Obama Will Pull US Veto Support Of Israel (100915)
Palestinians Celebrate Terror…Again (101015)
Gog Magog War:
 Will Russian Military Build Up In Middle East Lead To Gog/Magog War? (100215)
A UN Resolution Setting The Parameters For A Palestinian State Is Still In Play (092815)
Threats Of A New Intifada As Abbas Prepares To Give Israel Ultimatum In UN Speech (100115)
Gog Magog War:
 Putin’s Slippery Evasions For Netanyahu’s Concerns About Iran (090815)
Orthodox Jews See Blood Moon As Big Deal (092015)
Russian Marines Join Hizballah In First Syrian Battle – A Danger Signal For US, Israel (092415)
Millions Of Jews Have Begun Searching For The Messiah, Atonement (092215)
Israel Saw 35% Increase In Aliyah Last Year (090815)
Gog Magog War:
 Israel Troubled By Potential Conflict With Russian Forces In Syria (091715)
Gog Magog War: 
They’re Baaaaack — Russian Forces Return To The Middle East (091515)
Gog Magog War: 
We Are Witnessing ‘The Most Significant New Russian Military Foothold In The Middle East In Decades’ (091415)
Gog Magog War:
 Israel Worried Russian Build Up In Syria Could Lead To Accidental Conflict (090815)
Gog Magog War: Russia Gearing Up To Be First World Power To Insert Ground Forces Into Syria (090115) 
On Temple Mount, Some See A Dome And Imagine An Altar (083115)
Nearly 30,000 Jews Immigrated To Israel In 2015 (091015)
God’s Redemptive Plan In The Feasts Of Israel (082715)
Another Sept Event – UN Chief To Meet Global Players For Israel/Palestinian Peace Push (090815)
What The Third Lebanon War Will Look Like (091315)
Analysis: Fear of ISIS Takeover Of Jordan Drives Israel To Build Eastern Border Fence (091415)
China Just Sent A Message To America: Don’t Mess With Us (091215)
Iran Deal Will Trigger Major War In Middle East (082415)
Half Of Jerusalem Arabs Want To Be Israelis (081915)
Iran And The ‘Francis Factor’ (082115)
British Tourist Under Attack For Expressing Love For Israel (081815)
Gog Magog War: 
Ten New Reasons To Worry About The Iran Deal (082015)
Gog Magog War:  
The Iran Deal: How Christians Choose Sides (082315)
Evidence Mounts That Soon-To-Be Flush Iran Already Spurring New Attacks On Israel (083015)
Prophecy Moving Forward: North American Jews Return To Israel (08_15)
Gog Magog War: 
Russia Selling Missiles ‘That Can Bring Down US Aircraft’ To Iran (081915)
Gog Magog War:
 Iran To Arm West Bank Palestinians For New Eastern Front To “Efface” Israel (081715)
‘Israel Must Be Obliterated’: New Iranian Video Imagines Muslim Invasion Of Jerusalem (081815)
Looking Ahead At Middle East “Peace” (081715)
Tony Blair’s Peace Deal With Israel-Hamas Said To Be Imminent (081915)
Gog Magog War: 
Putin’s Aide: Russia Upgrading S-300 Missile System For Iran Delivery (073115)
Gog Magog War: 
Russia And NATO ‘Actively Preparing For War’ (081215)
Archaeologists Uncover Entrance Gate To Goliath’s City (080415)(This article was from NBC. See also, from another source, Archaeologists Uncover Entrance Gate To Goliath’s City. Google for articles from other sources.)
Recent Dead Sea Earthquake Reminder Of End Times Earthquake Warnings For Region (08_15)
Only Israel – Amazing Facts About Israel (08_15)
To Ready For The Final Redemption, Israelis Take Red Heifers By The Horns (080915)
Top 10 AI Risks: Human Slaves, Robotic Warfare And The End Of The World (080715)
Gog Magog War:
 What Will Happen To The $150 Billion Given To Iran? (073015)
Gog Magog War: Iran Deal Worth More Than All U.S. Aid To Israel Since 1948 (072715)
Gog Magog War: Iran Buys 100 Russian Refueling Aircraft For Its Air Force To Reach Any Point In The Mid East (072215) 
Architectural Plans For The Third Temple Have Begun (072615)
Kerry Warns Israel: Strike On Iran Would Be ‘Enormous Mistake’ (072415)
Gog Magog War: 
The Biggest Reasons The Nuke Deal Is An Iranian Victory And A Western Catastrophe (071415)
Gog Magog War: 
Russia And Iran Sign Military Cooperation Agreement (012015)
Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace With Israel (071315)
Temple Institute Announces Crowdfunding Campaign To Raise Red Heifer For Rebuilt Temple (071215)
Why Israel Is Going To Bomb Iran (072015)
Heaven’s Timing And The Nuclear Deal With Iran (072015)
Red Heifers In Israel Prompt 3rd Temple Speculation (071815)
Nuke Deal Could Allow U.S. To Protect Iran From Israel (072315)
Gog Magog War: 
Top Israeli Official: Nuke Deal Will Set Up Iran To Take Over Middle East (070415)
The U.N.’s Treatment of Israel Summed Up in One Stunning Graphic (062815) 
Hidden Gold Treasure In Israel To Be Used To Build Third Temple? (061615)
The Islamic State May Soon Be A Direct Threat To Israel (060515)
Seven Trends To Watch In The Middle East (061915) 
IDF Drills For War With Hezbollah and Gaza (061015)
Will The World Turn On Israel This September? (061215)
U.S. Supreme Court Turns It’s Back On Israel – Rejects Jerusalem Passports To List Country As Israel (060815) 
First Hamas-ISIS Firefight In Gaza – “Islamic State Of Jerusalem” Supporters Sighted On Israeli Border (060215)
Obama Threatens To Cut US Support At UN In Israeli Interview (060214)
Coming Soon: UN Resolution To Establish Palestinian State (060315)
Jewish Priests Perform Pentecost Temple Service In Anticipation Of Third Temple (060315) 
Hamas Using Truce To Prepare For Next Clash With Israel (051815)
Daniel’s “Covenant With Many” – Waiting To Be Implemented? (052115)
Largest Christian Pentecost Celebration In Israel’s Modern History (052115)
The Vatican Will Not Protect Christians By Recognizing ‘Palestine’ (051515) 
Temple Mount Faithful To Commemorate Jerusalem Day With March For Rebuilding Third Temple (05_15) 
40 Percent Rise This Year In Global Immigration To Israel, Report Shows (050315) 
Israel Will Strike Iran First To Thwart Nuclear Attack (042815)
Israelis Who Hate Israel—And The Christians Who Fund Them (042714)
Israel Faces Off Against Syrian-Hizballah Alliance (042714)
Palestinians Vote For Iran’s New Ally: Hamas (042415) 
Israel Faces Off Against Syrian-Hizballah Alliance (042814)
Poll: Israel Is One Of The World’s Least Religious Countries (042115) 
Israel Celebrates 67 Years After Its Dramatic, Prophetic Rebirth (042315)
The $18 Billion Arms Race Helping To Fuel Middle East Conflict (042315)
The War On Cash: JPMorgan Chase Bans Storage Of Cash In Safety Deposit Boxes (042215)
Russian Interference Leaves Israel No Choice But To Attack (041715)
Discovery Of Red Heifer Increases End Times Speculation (040915)
Arab League To Submit Timeline TO UN For Creation Of Palestinian State (040715)
How Far Will UN Go In Pressuring Israel To Give Palestinian State? (040715)
Hezbollah Could Fire Up To 1,500 Rockets Per Day, Israeli Authorities Say (033115)
Preparing For The Third Temple – Priests In Training Prepare Trial Run For Temple Sacrifice (041015)
US Rejects Netanyahu’s Demand For Iranian Recognition Of Israel (040415)
Israeli Officials: Iran Massively Ramping Up Arming Of Hezbollah In Preparation For Major Assault On Israel (041315)
Israel Alarmed At News Russia To Supply Iran Advanced Air Defense System (041915)
‘I Met Messiah’: New Website Shares Video Testimonies Of Jews Who Received Jesus (040915)
10 Quotes That Reveal Barack Obama’s Obsession With A Palestinian State (040715)
‘Iran Helping Hamas, Hezbollah Build Fleet Of Suicide Drones’ (040915)
Gog Magog War: 
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Said ‘Preparing For war’ In Case Deal Collapses (041915)
Gog Magog War:  
Russia-Iran Missile Deal Major Threat To Middle East (041515)
Netanyahu Says Looming Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Worse Than Feared’ (032915)
Obama’s War Against Israel (062215)
What Are The Implications If Obama Breaks With Israel? (040115)
The World Against Israel – New UN Report Enables Worldwide Hatred Of Israel With Bias Report (04_15)

Gog Magog War: Iran Expands Regional ‘Empire’ Ahead Of Nuclear Deal (032715)
Gog Magog War: The Coming Iranian Bomb (032315)
Gog Magog War: 
Israel ‘Closer Than Ever’ To Decision On Hitting Iran (031815)

Bible Prophecy Experts – Netanyahu’s Win Part Of God’s End Time Plan (032115)
Major Prophetic Announcement! – Holy Altar Constructed For Third Jewish Temple (031415)
No Bias Here – UN Condemns Only Israel As Violator Of Woman’s Rights (031915)
What Is The Future Of Israel? (03_15)
Netanyahu Pollster: Obama Role In Israel Election Larger Than Reported (032215)
U.N. Special Envoy: Netanyahu Recognizes Signs Of Times (030315)
The Breakdown Of U.S.-Israeli Relations Brings Us Several Steps Closer To World War III (030315)
Netanyahu Tries To Head Off Iran’s Machinations After Obama Empowers Tehran As Favored Mid East Ally (030115)
Middle East Caught In ‘Apocalyptic Fervor’ (031115)
US And Israeli Intelligence At Sharp Odds On Iran’s Breakout Time To A Bomb (030715)
Remember the Video Showing What Happens When A Jew Walks Around Paris? A Christian Tried The Same Thing In Israel (030515)
Gog Magog War: Russian Jets Run ‘Attack Scenarios’ On NATO Ships (030915)

‘Would Let Israeli Jets Use Their Air Space To Attack Iran’ (022515)
Obama’s ‘Assurances’ Won’t Protect Israel (022215)
Obama Won’t Meet Netanyahu, but He’s Meeting This Week With The Head Of This Jihadist-Supporting Country (022215)
The Gog/Magog war:
 Secret Facility Reveals Deception Of Iranian Nuclear Accord (022415)
Getting Paid to Kill Jews With US Tax Dollars?
Former Peace Envoy – UN Security Council To Come Against Israel After Elections If No PA State (021915)
South African University Student Council Wants To Expel Jews (021215)
Iranian Forces Advance Toward Israel (021115)
EU Ready to Strike Israel with Sanctions One Day After Elections
Saudi Arabia And ISIS Both Want The Same Thing: World Domination (020415)
How Iran Is Encircling The Gulf And Israel
Israel Is Behind Paris Terror Attacks And Other Lies Palestinians Believe (012515)
Is Iran Preparing For A Two-Front War Against Israel? (013015)
Ten Lessons Learned By Hezbollah From Israel’s Summer War In Gaza (012815)
The Gog/Magog war: 
Russia And Iran Sign Deal To Widen Military Cooperation (012015)

Israel Anticipates Hezbollah’s Reaction (012515)
Region Prepares For Israel/Hezbollah Conflict After Israel Airstrike Kills Hezbollah Commander (01_15)
Warning: Nations Turning ‘Against Israel’ (011715)
Israel Prepares For Top 2015 Threats (01_15)
Is Hezbollah Trying To Draw Israel Into A Ground Offensive? (01_15)
’15,000 Young Gazans Complete Hamas Terror Training Camps (011315)
‘Obama Army’ Deploys To Tel Aviv To Topple Netanyahu (012715)
Israel/Hezbollah Shadow War Bringing Both Sides To The Brink (01_15)
Meet The “Jewish Indiana Jones” Searching For The Lost Ark Of The Covenant (012215)

Wild Cheers For Proposed Invasion Of Israel From NATO Ally (123014)
The Gog/Magog war:  
Russia, Iran And The End Times (01_15)
Summing Up 2014 In The Middle East (010115)
2014 A Record Breaking Year For Israeli Immigration (123114)
ISIS Closing In On Israel From The North And The South (122314)
‘First Pure Olive Oil Produced In 2000 Years’ Says Temple Institute
Dry Bones Return – 2014 Sees 7% Increase In North American Aliyah (122214)
The Countdown To The Next Gaza Conflict Has Begun (121914)
The Gog/Magog war: Official: Russia Plotting To Start War On Israel (122014)
A UN Timetable For Israel’s Destruction
Is Obama Secretly Working To Replace Netanyahu? (122114)
Media Bias And The Effort To Discredit Israel (121514)
The Gog/Magog War: 
Putin Pushes Back: Beware The Wounded Russian Bear (120514)
The Gog/Magog War: 
An Iran-Russia Axis? (120714)
Speculation Concerning Israeli Pre-Emptive Strike On Iranian Nuclear Facilities Emerges As U.S. Privately Accuses Tehran Of ‘Cheating’ (120814)
Israel Air Strikes Wiped Out Russian Hardware For Thwarting US No-Fly Zone Plan Over Syria (120814)
New Israeli Government In March Will Determine Future Of Peace Process (121014)
Patterns Of War – Will History Repeat Itself? (120814)
Egypt’s Largest Military Maneuver ‘Meant for Israel’ (120614)

The Gog/Magog War: NATO Scrambles Jets 400 Times In 2014 As Russian Air Activity Jumps (112014)
How Israel’s Restoration Signals The End (12_04)
Reports: Obama Mulling Sanctions On Israel (120414)
Abbas Presents ‘Plan Of Attack’ For Palestinian State (113014)
Foreshadowing Of Daniel 9:27? Jordan’s King Abdullah Pushes For “Final Peace Accord” (120314)
Arab League Joins PA Bid For United Nations Timeline On Israeli Pullout To Pre-1967 Lines (112914)
Israel’s New IDF Chiefs Must Take Next Prospective War With Hizballah Onto Enemy Ground (120114)

Israel’s Enemies Continue To Plot Her Destruction (112114)
12 Ministries Making A Difference In Israel (111414)
100 Years After WWI, Turkish Leaders Nostalgic For Empire (111014)
Russia Increasing Peace Role In The Mideast (102714)
Why The Temple Mount Matters (103014)
Suicide Terrorism Returns To Jerusalem, With A Difference (110614)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Putin – Key Player In New World Order (092314)
Temple-Rebuilding Activist Shot In Jerusalem
Israeli Gov’t Disputes State Dept. Spokeswoman Saying That Throwing Molotov Cocktails Isn’t Terrorism (102814)
The Power Of Words – What We Say Matters In The Middle East (102814)
For Israel And The US, Trouble In Paradise (102614)

The Diplomatic Storm That Is Coming This January (101914)
One-Fifth Of Incoming UN Security Council Has No Ties With Israel (102014)
Arab Idol Contest Outcry After Israel Shows Up On Map
The Coming UN Conflict Over Forcing Palestinian State Upon Israel (101414)
Is Abbas One Vote From Security Council Majority? (100914)
EU To Impose Crushing Sanctions On Israel (100814)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Parchin Blast May be Iran’s Nuclear Smoking Gun (100714)
Temple Institute Raises $100k For Third Temple Plans (092814)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Watching For A Hook – Ezekiel 38 On The Horizon? (10_14)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Why Iran’s Supreme Leader Is Smiling (100314)

Palestinian Source: Plan To Rid Gaza, West Bank of Israeli Presence Ready In 2 Weeks (092814)
US In Bind As Palestinians Push UN Resolution Demanding Broad Israeli Withdrawal (100214)
Pro-Israel Group Rejected By Augsburg College (100214)

Why The War Is Far From Over – Half Of Palestinians Support Armed Intifada Against Israel (09_14)
Israel Must Prepare For Third Lebanon War (091614)
Will The Gaza Truce Be Shorter Than The Gaza War? (090814)
The Rise of Global Anti-Semitism (090914)

Is the Gaza War Really Over? (083114)
No Winners In Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire (082714)
Libyan Abu Khattala is Targeted – for Benghazi and Plotting a Smart Bomb Attack on America (051614)
The Subtle Attempt To Take Israel Out Of The Bible (073114)
The Deadly Disease of Anti-Semitism Proliferates in Europe (082214)

Homosexuals Wage Holy War On Israeli Village (062714)

Israel Could Get Dragged Into ISIS’s War, Obama Admin Warns (062714)

Armageddon On The Doorstep: The ISIS Conquest Of Iraq Leads To Jerusalem (062614)

Jews Consider Their Future As Europe Slides Back Into Anti-Semitism (062614)

Temple Institute Announces Discovery Of Red Heifer In Anticipation Of Third Temple (070814)

Five Things Christians Need To Know About The Israel-Gaza Conflict (070914)

The Current Conflict Between Israel And Hamas Is Shattering Many Myths (071014)

Hamas Just Attempted To Create A Horrific Nuclear Disaster In The Heart Of Israel (071014)

Messianic Jews, Arab Christians Gather Amidst Violence And Anger (071014)

Jewish Priests Train To Serve In Rebuilt Temple (041114)

Will Israel Save Hamas And Fatah Again? (042914)

Death Threats Force Palestinian Woman To Flee After Declaring God Gave Israel To The Jews In Youtube Video (050614)

Israel Wants To Give Mount Zion And The Tomb Of David To The Vatican? (050414)

A Miraculous Sign – The Revival Of The Hebrew Language (051614)

Anti-Semitism Fuels Jewish Repatriation (051614)

Hamas TV Host Urges Kids To Kill ‘All’ Jews (050814)

Hating The Jew You’ve Never Met (051514)

Israel Eyes Becoming A Cashless Society (052614)

Jerusalem Day Census Reveals Modern Day Battle For Jerusalem (060214)

Another Step To Rebuilding The Temple – Holy Of Holies Veil Being Recreated (052814)

Campus Life For Jewish Students ‘Tense’ and ‘Unsafe’ As Divestment Votes Soar At American And Foreign Universities ()

US Abandons Israel For Terrorists (060314)

Netanyahu Hosts Bible Study Circle For Shavuot (060514)

Palestinian Authority To Funnel Payments To Terrorists Through PLO (060814)

Temple Mount Faithful Lay Claim To Lost Ark (060314)

No Bias Here – World Media Blames Jews For Kidnapping Of Jewish Teens (062314)

French Jews Leaving For Israel In Increasing Numbers (062414)

Hamas Prepares For War As Abbas Talks Peace (062614)

Poll: Most Palestinians Want To Eliminate Israel (062514)

ISIS: The New Al Qaeda And Face Of Militant Terror (061214)

Shemittah 2015 – The Year of Release & Coming Judgment For America? (091412)

Is Prophecy Being Fulfilled Now In Iraq And Iran? (061314)

Return Of The Medes – Prophetic Implications? (06_14)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Test Fires Six New Air-Launched Cruise Missiles (062414)

More Than Half Israel Under Hamas Rocket Attack (070914)

Attempted Animal Sacrifice On Temple Mount For Passover Puts Spotlight On Desire For Rebuilt Temple (041614)

Palestinians Issue List Of Demands For Extension Of Peace Talks (042114)

Discovery of Sophisticated Hamas-Built Tunnels Linking Gaza to Israel Suggest More Conflict To Come (042314)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Middle East Geopolitical Alignments Shifting Towards Ezekiel 38 Scenario (041514)

Stalled Peace Talks – Again? (040114)

Christian Life in Israel – A Surprising Update (041514)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: The Coming War Of Gog Magog (04_14)

Nuclear Proliferation – When One Goes Nuclear, They All Go Nuclear (031214)
First Steps To Rebuilding The Jewish Temple? – Rabbis Seek To Build Synagogue On The Temple Mount (04_14)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Expansion Of Russian Airbases Abroad: Real Threat Or More Hype? (032614)

Syrian Conflict Creates New Tensions Between Israel And Hezbollah (011714)
Israel Sets Aside $2.8 Billion For Unilateral Iran Attack After Defense Minister Says We Can’t Depend On US (032514)
Scholarly Articles ON Global Resurgence of Anti-Semitism ()

Intercepted Ship From Iran Would Have Provided Hamas With “Game Changing” Missiles (030614)
Middle East Peace Process Update (032014)
New Poll Shows Contrast Of Views On Israel Between U.S. Government And The American People (020114)

Debate Over Temple Mount Heats Up While Rebuilding Preparations Continue (02_14)
Hezbollah Threatens Response To Israeli Air Strike (022614)

Boycotting Israel’s Goods? Be Prepared For Some Significant Lifestyle Changes! (021914)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Israel’s Gas Field Wealth – Russia’s Hook In The Jaw? (021414)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iranian War Rhetoric On The Rise – Why Now? (021014)
Israel rehashes anti-Iran war rhetoric (021614)


Hamas can hit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem with dozens of rockets (021114)
Islamist Groups Find Launching Pad For Future Attacks On Israel/Europe (02_14)
Kerry fails to get Obama backing to confront Israel on peace terms (02_14)

Christian Evangelism Still A Contentious Issue In Israel Despite Strong Jewish/Christian Relations (020714)
The Power To Influence – Media Bias Against Israel Continues (020514)
U.S. Ramping Up Diplomatic Pressure On Israel (020514)
White House Is Weeks Away From Imposing Middle East Peace Framework – What You Need To Know (020714)
Israel May ‘Eliminate’ Hamas Government And Replace With Palestinian Authority (020114)
Is The Movement To Boycott Israel Backfiring? (020614)

US Prepared To Support Palestinians Reimagined Ideas Of History (012514)
Unpredictable Middle East Can Still Count On More Conflict Between Hezbollah And Israel (01_14)
Kerry’s Peace Process Double Standards (011614)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran’s “Helpful” Response To Diplomacy (011414)

Hamas Trains 13,000 Students For Next Generation To Take Terror War To Israel (011514)
PA Leader: Stages Plan To Eliminate Israel Is Basis Of PA Policy (010614)
Arab Ministers Back Abbas In Rejecting ‘Jewish’ Israel (011314)
What The EU Does With Your Money (011414)

Netanyahu Plans A National Referendum On US Peace Framework To Extend Negotiations For Another Year (010714)
Israel’s Christian Awakening (122713)
Christianity Experiencing Renaissance in Israel; Relationship Between Christians and Jews Mandated (123013)
Israel And Saudi Arabia: Unlikely Allies (123013)

It’s going to get bad fast between Israel and the US (122913)

Middle East Turmoil Sparks Unease In Israel (122413)

Push To Recruit Israel’s Arab Christians In The Military Splits The Community (122713)
Report: Israel Gets Ready For ‘Short, Sharp War’ Against Hezbollah (121913)
Kerry To Present ‘Framework Agreement’ To Israel, Palestinians Later This Month (122213)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russian Missile Deployment Raises Alarm (121613)

Cost-Benefit Analysis Points To Israeli Attack On Iran (1211713)
IDF Soldiers Warned Against Contact With Messianic Jews (121613)
How Israel Might Look Next December If Perry Succeeds (121313)
EU Dangles ‘Unprecedented’ Aid Package For Israel-PA Deal (121613)

Peace Talks To Extend Beyond Allocated Nine Months (12_13)
After Security Plan ‘Kerry To Present US Blueprint For A Deal On Core Issues’ (120613)
Bennett: Any Peace Agreement That Excludes Hamas Is ‘A Joke’ (120813)
Christian Arabs Persecuted For Joining IDF (121013)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Tehran: Mossad And Saudi Intelligence Designing Super Stuxnet Viris To Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Program (120313)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Israel, US To Stage Large-Scale Military Drill When Iran Nuclear Deal Expires (112813)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia To Increase Nuclear Weapons Spending By 50 Percent During Next Three Years (112713) 

IDF’s Druse Battalion Prepares For Its Next Clash With Hezbollah (112913)
Iran Deal Makes Israel Strike More Likely (120213)
Yeshua Campaign Causes Buzz In Southern Israel (112913)
Are Jews More Open To Jesus? New Study Shows Fewer Jews Ostracizing Messianics (120213)
Muslim World Alarmed At Jewish Movement For Prayer On The Temple Mount – First Steps To A Third Temple (12_13)
Palestinians Seek Own Geneva Accord For International Community To Impose Will On Israel (120313)
UN Rings In ‘The Year Of Palestine’ By Passing Six Resolutions Condemning Israel (112813)

Iran Deal May Be Inked As Soon As Next Week (111613)
Obama To Push For Final Israeli/Palestinian Peace Deal By 2016 (111513)
Israel Said To Be Working With Saudi Arabia On Iran Strike Plan (111713)
Israel Starting To Consider ‘Day After’ Iran Agreement (112013)
Ten Insights Into U.S./Israeli Dispute Over Iran (112013)

A Dangerous Time for Israel (111213)
The Coming Betrayal Of Israel (111213)
Israel, Hamas Wquare Up For Next Gaza Duel (111313)
Iran’s Top Ally Warns War Could Be Coming (111313)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: ‘Russia Eyes Egypt’s Ports In Bid To Boost Military Presence’ (102713)

Palestinians Make Stiff  Land Demands For Peace Deal (102713)
Countering Anti-Israel Evangelism (091313)
This Is The Year For Decision On Iran, Says Former IDF Intelligence Chief (102613)
‘Palestinian State’ Would Leave Israel ‘Indefensible’ (102813)
16 Palestinian Demands For Peace Accord (102813)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Egypt ‘Looking To Russia’ For Arms After US. Freeze (101913)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Muslim Russia? Islamic Demographics Will Have Profound Impact On Foreign Policy (102113)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia And Iran Expanding Military Cooperation And Arms Trade (102113) 

Concerns As Israel Hit By Two Earthquakes In One Day (102013)
This Israeli Gas Field Could Radically Reshape Politics In The Middle East (102113)
Another Sign Of The Times? Increasing Earthquake Activity In Israel (102213)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran Plays Brilliant Chess, West Will Fold (101413)

‘Netanyahu Is Not Bluffing On Intention To Strike Iran’ (101313)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Nuclear Weapons And An Islamic Revolution (100613)

Israel’s Final Warning On Iran (100713)
‘We Are Not Arabs – We Are Christians Who Speak Arabic (100413)
As Peace Talks Continue, Palestinian Terror Groups Prepare For Jihad (100713)
Israel Prepares For Missile Warfare, Ciber Attacks In Next War (100813)
Obama Pushing Israel To Vacate Jordan Valley (101013)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Rohani’s Strategy To Beguile The World & Buy Enough Time To Build A Nuclear Arsenal (092613)
Israel TV: Iran Will Have Enough Uranium For A Bomb In 2 Months (092713)
Russia’s Ploy To Shift Focus From Iranian Nuclear Program To Israel (093013)
Putin Positioning Himself As New Power Player In the Mideast, But To What End? (092013)

Will Final Peace Deal Between Israel And Palestinians Accelerate Bible Prophecy? (100613)

Mideast Quarter Seeks Israeli, Palestinian Action By 2014 (092613)
Rise Of ‘Jews Of No Religion’ Most Significant Find Of Pew Study, Says Director (100313)
Will Israel Be The World’s First Cashless Society? (09_13)
Why It Matters That Jews Are Standing On The Temple Mount (092313)
Israel Bleak About U.S.-Iran Rapproachment At U.N. Summit (092413)
Washington & Europe Rush Headlong Toward Accepting A Nuclear Iran (092413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Hamas Signs Binding Military Commitment To Iran-Led War On Israel (092413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Waging War To Prepare The Way For The Mahdi (092213)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Warns Israel Not To Attack Iran (022212)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iranian Spiritual Leader: Prepare For Environment That Will Bring Mahdi/End Times (071912)

Israel Could Become Oil Shale Superpower (090813)
Assad Planning To Use Palestinian Groups As Instruments Of Retaliation (090913)
Areas of Anxiety – 9 New Year Challenges For the IDF (090413)

For The First Time IN 1900 Years – Temple Institute Preparing For Perpetual Offering (082713)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Erdogan Leading Turkey Down Dangerous Path As He Denounces US, Israel (082413)

US, Israeli Officials Close To Agreeing On Timeline For Action On Islam (090113)
Assad May Hit Back At Israel For US Strike, Trusting Obama To Be Israel’s Hands Against Major Reprisal (082713)
UN Envoy Hints Failure To Strike Peace Deal Would Spell End For PA (082513)

Israel Stays Clear Of Egyptian Crisis, Fearing Russian Military’s Return To A Second Border After Syria (082013)
Terrorists ‘Aim To Hit Israeli, Jewish Targets Worldwide’ In Coming Weeks (081913)

Israel’s Armed Forces Shifting Emphasis From Mechanized Warfare Toward Air And Cyber Power (081013)
US-Sponsored Israel-Palestinian Interim Peace Talks Near Moment Of Decision (080913)
‘Camp Jihad’: U.N.-Sponsored Camps Encourage Palestinian Kids To Destroy Israel (081413)
Why The Mideast Peace Talks Will Not Work (08_13)
Rumors Of 10 Year Peace Accord – Will It Be Reduced To A Prophetically Significant 7? (081413)

State Funding For Temple Institute To Build Third Temple Stirs Controversy In Israel (08113)
Israel Fears Next War With Hezbollah Will Hit Civilians Harder (080813)
Israel’s Security Paradox: Never Safer And Never More Uncertain (08__13)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Netanyahu: Iran ‘Weeks Away’ From Crossing Red Line (071413)
Was Israel’s Latest Air Attack On Syria From A Submarine? (072013)

Poll Results: Majority Of Israelis Would Back A Peace Deal (072413)
Israel’s Premier Fast-Tracking Bill Allowing For Referendum On Peace Deal With Palestinians (072213)
Will Failure Of Peace Talks Lead To War Of Psalm 83? (072413)
Palestinian Minister – Peace Deal Would Be Temporary Arrangement Before Conquering Israel (072413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Pentagon: Iran Will Soon Have Nuclear Missles Capable Of Striking US (071313)
Russia Holds Biggest War Games In Decades (071613)

Archaeologist: Discovery Of Historic Israeli Jar Fragment Confirms Bible’s Reliability (071213)
One Third Of Israeli Jews Want Temple Rebuilt In Jerusalem, Poll Finds (071213)
Obama Uses EU To Confront Israel With Tough Interlinked Choices: Borders Or Nuclear-Armed Iran (071713)
Has The End Game Begun? Senior Israeli Officials Now Warning Iran War Could Come in 2012 (071513)

Is Netanyahu Turning Left? (070513)
Will Hamas Be The Next To Fall? (070813)
Will This Be The First Time The World Sees the Ark Of The Covenant? Leaking Roof In Ethiopian Chapel ‘Will Lead To Relic Being Revealed’ (120511)
Israeli Minister – We Should Rebuild Jerusalem Temple (070713)
‘Arab Spring’ Prompts Israeli Christians To Break From Muslim Political Parties and Form New Movement (071013)

Almost Half Israeli Arabs Believe Palestine Will Eventually Replace Israel (072513)
Preparing For the Third Temple (06_13)
Demography Doesn’t Threaten Jewish State (062613)
Tisha B’Av And The Coming Temple (070213)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Surprise – New Iranian Leader Thanks The Mahdi For Victory (06_13)
High War Alert In Israel As Russia Evacuates Military, Diplomatic Personnel From Syria (062613)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: New Iranian Leader No Moderate (061713)
Russia Responds To Western Intervention By Sending Warships To Syria (062113)

Joint US-Israeli Contingency Plan: 18 Chemical Targets In Syria (061513)
Syria Forces Training To Storm Israel’s Border (062313)
Training The Next Generation Of Terrorists At Haman Summer Camp For Kids (061813)
Rise Of New Iran President Delays Israel’s Military Option By At Least Another Year (061813)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran’s Apocalyptic Policy Makers (061013)
What’s Going On In Turkey And How Does It Figure Into Prophecy? (060713)
Iran Eyes 30 Nuclear Bombs A Year – Approaching Israel Red Line (061013)

Obama’s UN Nominee Advocated Invasion Of Israel (060513)
Israel/Syria Closer to Direct Conflict Than At Any Time During Past 40 Years (060913)
Kerry’s Plan: Core Issues, Then Gestures, And Finally Jerusalem (061213)
Five Things To Know About Syria And Russia’s S-300 Missle System (061613)
Moses Finally Vindicated By Israeli Oil (060413)

The US or Israel–Who Should Strike Iran? (052913)
Gas Discoveries Give Israel New Regional Clout (052213)
Hezbollah To Open ‘New Front’ In Golan Heights (051513)
Will Israel Destroy Russian Missles? (051813)
Muddled Israeli-US Policies On Assad Set Stage For Golan Offensive Against Israel (051813)

Plans Developing For A Final Palestinian/Arab/Israel Treaty In 2014 (050113)
IDF On War Alert As Iran-Syrian-Hizbollah War Of Attrition Threatened (050613)
Arab Peace Initiative, Take 2: Major Development Or ‘Scam?’ (051213)
Don’t Arm Rebels Before Vetting Them, Israel Urges U.S. (051213)
Analysis: Israeli Credibility On Line Over Iran Nuclear Challenge (042813)
Israel Fears End To 40-Year Peace on Syrian Front (042613)

Israel Seeks Turkish Airbase To Enable Iran Strike (042113)
Tehran And Assad Slide Past US And Israeli Red Lines – Nuclear And Chemical (042313)
Israel At 65: Population Tops 8 Million (041913)
The Jews In Prophecy – Have They Been Cast Aside Or Are They Destined For Glory (041913)

Israel Surplants US As World’s Largest Jewish Population Center Passing Symbolic 6 Million Figure (032813)
Netanyahu Hails ‘Historic Day’ As Israel Starts Pumping Gas From Major Offshore Find (033013)
Temple Groups Practice Passover Sacrifice In Anticipation Of Third Temple (032213)
The Unmentioned Facts Behind Turkey’s Turn Toward Israel (041413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Cold Warrior Putin Calls For Russian Military Upgrades As U.S. Troop Cuts Loom (022713)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran Orders Terrorists: Prepare For War (030513)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Conducts Largest Nuclear Exercise In 20 Years (030513)

Palestinians Double Standards Exposed Again (030513)

Lessons From Hitler: What If They Mean What They Say? (030513)

5 Ways The Collapse Of Syria Might Be More Dangerous Than Most People Realize (030813)

Israel Prepares For Next War With Hezbollah (031413)

Obama Expected To Push For Palestinian State At Upcoming Israel Visit (021113)

Palestinians To Hagel Report: “We Don’t Need U.S. Troops Herd” (030113)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: A Hook In The Jaw? Army Chief Warns Russia May Be Drawn Into Rescue Wars In Future (021413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Generals Opting Out As Turkish Military Seen ‘Turning From Secular To Islamist’ (021413)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran’s ‘Plan B’ For Nuclear Bomb (030313)

Hamas Warns Obama Against Temple Mount Visit (022813)

The Coming War In The Middle East (020613)

Netanyahu Bible Study Provides Modern Lessons From Israel’s Past (010613)
‘Lost Tribe’s’ Return To Israel Fulfilling Prophecy? (010613)
Report Declares Thriving Israeli Christian Population (123012)
Israel Operating In Syria, US Preparing To Join (122812)

What’s The Big Deal About Israel? (110312)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Turkey Trading Europe For the Shanghai Five (020613)
This Is Our NATO Ally? Turkey Slams Syria For Not Responding To Israel Attack (020213)
Ahmadinejad Lands In Cairo 4-6 Months Before Iran Reaches Nuclear Capacity (021713)
Iran’s Nuclear Standoff Reaching Tipping Point (020413)
Obama Is Coming To Tell Netanyahu Not To Strike Iran (021013)
Understanding The Threat To Israel’s Biblical Heartland (021213)
Will The Al-Queda Affiliates Ousting Assad Turn To Israel Next? (021013)
The West’s Shameful Demonization Of Israel (020413)
Muslim Holy Site Magically Transformed Into King Solomon’s Temple In Jerusalem Tourist Ad (020213)
Will Israel Become The Wealthiest Nation In The Middleast? (020613)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia Building Toward Military Dominance (011613)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: New Details Emerge On Iran Nuclear Explosion (01_13)
Israel Warns Of Possible Pre-Emptive Chemical Weapons Strike In Syria (012713)
Israel Hits SA-17 Missle Shipment Inside Syria Bound For Hezbollah (013013)
Why Israel Will Rule The New Middle East (013113)
Christian Zionists Separated Fight Against Hagel (013113)
Why Israel Might Have Felt The Imperative To Strike In Syria (013112)
Hamas Trained A New Generation For Terror Against Israel (012413)
Israel’s Elections: What Just Happened? (012313)
The Palestinian Authorities Inconvenient Truths (010313)
Obama: I Know What’s Right For Israel (011513)
Benjamin Netanyahu Fights Surge From Rightwing Opponent Before Poll (010513)
Indian Jews From ‘Lost Tribe’ Move To Israel (122412)

A Coming Peace Accord Via Jordanian/Palestinian Confederation? (122712)

Egypt Arming For Attack On Israel? (121512)

Israel Grows Jittery Of A New Palestinian Uprising (120912)

Hamas Leader Vows Never To Recognize Israel (120812)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: If Iran Tries To Attack, Israel Has Thirteen Minutes To Target Its Missles Before They Get Off The Ground (120912)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Iran Aims Biological Weapons At Israel (120912)

Why Did So Few Stand With Israel At UN Vote On Palestine? (120912)

Root Of Conflict Is Not Settlements, But Israel’s Very Existence, Netanyahu Says (120912)

Hezbollah: Israel Would Be Hit With Thousands Of Rockets In Future War (112512)

Missle Wars – Israel’s Race Against Time (112712)

Should Christians Support The Creation Of A Sovereign Palestinian State? (120112)

What The Ceasefire Really Means (112212)

Obama’s Pledge Of U.S. Troops To Sinai Next Week Won Israel’s Nod For Ceasefire (112312)

What A Truce Will Bring To Israel: Tied Hands, Hamas Unbowed (112012)

THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Nuclear Iran Seeks Apocalyptic Holy Man (111812)
Here’s How Israel Thinks It Could Attack Iran Without Setting Off WWIII (110512)
Abbas Confirms Palestinian UN Bid For November 29 (111312)
Hamas To Target Tel Aviv, Assasinate Israeli Figures? (111812)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Russia’s Defense Spending Surges As U.S. Cuts (111112)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Why Israel Hasn’t Struck Iran -Yet (110212)
Claim: Obama To Target Netanyahu In 2nd Term (111112)
Inside Israel’s Nuclear War Games (111112)
Israel – Preparing For The Unexpected (110112)
THE GOG-MAGOG WAR: Putin Flexes Muscle In Big Test Of Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal (102012)
Israel Rattled By Rise In Anti-Semetic Rhetoric From Egypt (102612)
Israel Used Sudan Bombing As Dry Run For Attack On Iran (102912)
Hezbollah’s Latest Musle-Flexing Shows It Is Under Duress And Looking For A Fight (110412)
First Pro-Israel Arab Party To Run In Israel Elections (103012)
Destroy-Israel Conference Comes To Illinois (101612)
The Silent War: Israel Blows Up Iranan Weapons Factory In Sudan (102412)
Hezbollah Threatens To Invade Israel’s Galilee, And Offers Interactive Infographic On How It Plans To Do It (100212)
Syria Islamists: ‘Next Stop Israel’ (092712)
Azerbaijan Eyes Aiding Israel Against Iran (093012)
How Syria Might Unleash War Between Israel And Iran (091212)
Diplomacy: Iran For Dummies (090712)
‘Next 50 Days Most Feearful Since Yom Kippur War’ (090712)
Israeli EMP Attack Could Throw Iran ‘Back To Stone Age’ (090912)
Hezbollah Aiming 60-70 Thousand Rockets At Israel (091012)
Hizballah, Israel Close To Clash And Chemical Threat Is Back (090812)
Israel Jewish Population Set To Pass 6 Million (091112)



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