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1. Introduction

Spurgeon, C.S.1“Controversy isolated Spurgeon

“October 28, 1887 – Charles Haddon Spurgeon withdrew from the Baptist Union. During the height of the dispute before he withdrew he wrote the following that gives insight as to the condition of the Union at the time. “No lover of the Gospel can conceal from himself the fact that the days are evil. A new religion has been initiated, which is no more Christianity than chalk is cheese, and this religion, being destitute of moral honesty, palms itself off as the old faith with slight improvements, and on this plea usurps pulpits which were erected for Gospel preaching. The Atonement is scouted, the inspiration of the Scripture is derided, the Holy Spirit is degraded into an influence, the punishment of sin is turned into fiction, and the Resurrection into a myth, and yet these enemies of our faith expect us to call them brethren, and maintain a confederacy with them!” At the back of doctrinal falsehood comes a natural decline of spiritual life, evidenced by a taste for questionable amusements, and a weariness of devotional meetings. Spurgeon’s early complaints centered upon three problems; the decline of prayer meetings among the Baptist churches, the worldliness of ministers relating to entertainment, and doctrinal problems which stemmed from the inroads of the “higher criticism” of that day. This controversy isolated Spurgeon from many who refused to stand with him for the defense of biblical truth. Many believe that the grief and conflict of this battle hastened his death after a period of illness at Mentone in Southern France. He died on Jan. 31, 1892 at 57 years of age. In our day when apostasy abounds, God grant us men of God like him.” (Dr. Greg J. Dixon from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins Thompson /, pp. 447-48).

Click to go to "Spurgeons Gem" website.

Click to go to “Spurgeons Gem” website.

Click here to go to “Spurgeon Gems”website. 

1a23Very informative sermons on theory of evolution:

I once was a monkey,
Swinging in a tree,
Now I am a doctor with a PHD.
I once was a slim ball,
Squirming in the mud,
Now I am a couch potato,
Drinking my Bud.

 5Charismatic Gets Refuted For Hating Open Air Evangelism (080615)

Click the above to hear this Ex-Nun's story.

Click the above to hear this Ex-Nun’s story.

(The audio linked to directly above reveals a real problem in religion. The charismatic movement takes scripture out of context, adds to it, etc. It misinterprets Scripture, and devises unbiblical doctrines (their doctrines of tongues, the end times, church, state, separation of church and state, and salvation to name a few) I know some people who love the Lord and are mislead by their charismatic pastors and leaders. I will debate any one of those leaders on any spiritual subject-some subjects which I do not deal with on a regular basis may require time for preparation. Pastor Jason Cooley totally discredits this man on the street.)

WeNeedThe Macedonian Call; A Vision For The Brethren Scattered Abroad In Apostate America,” on (080215)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)

God is Raising Up Prophets – The Last Line Of Defense Before Judgment Comes,” on (061415)(Click here for youtube of this message.)

  • Pastor Cooley rebukes Superman. See

    Pastor Cooley rebukes Superman. See “10. Hollywood, Movies, and Idolatry” below for links to sermons.

    1The Terrors Of The Lord,” on (122814)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)

  • Resurrection Realities,” on (122814)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)
  • The Evolution Of Pop Culture Christianity,” on (102914)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)(If you have been saved and have served the Lord for any length of time at all, you know this sermon is most relevant. Young people are leaving fuldamental independent Baptist churches by the droves. Those churches have compromised and watered down the word of God and utilized “pragmatic” youth programs, Sunday school programs, division of the church body into segments for the elderly, for couples, for youth, joined with the state (which is controlled by the god of this world) through incorporation, unincorporated associations, etc. They, in preaching and practicing unbiblical doctrines, have driven old people, middle aged people, young people away from the Lord. A young couple who went to that a fundamental independent Baptist church, both of whom seemed to be dedicated born again believers, both children of pastors, left the church and became religious practicing bi-sexuals. There were other young men in that church who had similar sexual orientations. The husband is now bisexual, as is his wife. A bisexsual man lives with them. Bible based love requires the believer to tell that couple that the Bible says any sex outside marriage is an abomination to God, that God hates sin, and that believers are to stand on truth.)
Click the above to hear the Pope speak of

Click the above to hear the Pope speak of “the failure of the cross.” The Pope is anti-Christ. He is leading untold millions to hell.

Many organizations such as the Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon,

Many organizations such as the Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, “churches,” Islam, the Masons, etc. have the qualities of their leader, Satan.

Many other sermons of Pastor Jason Cooley are posted on Sermon Audio/Pastor Cooley, and Old Paths Baptist Church on Youtube. This website started linking to all of Pastor Jason’s sermons in October, 2013. Pastor Jason – and a small minority of other pastors – covers topics which should, but are not, preached on by most pastors. That is why most churches and their members and families are not under God; that is, they practice the principles of Satan, not the principles of God.  If you are a believer but are not in a properly ordered church, you would do better to move to Northfield MN and join with Old Paths Baptist Church if you cannot find another Biblically ordered church which is more convenient to you; and if circumstances prevent you from moving, your second best option is to grow in Godly knowledge, understanding and wisdom by listening to the teachings of Pastor Jason.

3RedefinitionOfLoveThe Love Of God Or Spiritual Bastards?” on (100514)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon)(This sermon accurately explains the love of God as explained in the Bible. The sermon is placed here because the chief perversion of truth in today’s American religious world is that concerning the love of God. The world’s teaching on love corresponds with that of the Beatles who were among the elite of Satan’s ministers. A link to this sermon is also on the “Sermons” page.)

16Click here for links to the various series by Pastor Jason and others on the Old Paths Baptist Church sermonaudio site.

Click here for links to all Pastor Jason’s sermons.

4LoveWarnsNote. These sermons are presented for the Glory of God, not to glorify Pastor Jason or any other man. However, God uses men to do his work and it is important to direct people to teachings which faithfully proclaim and apply God’s truths. Pointing out the effectiveness of these sermons accomplishes God’s purposes.

The world hates the real Jesus. I am better than he?

The world hates the real Jesus. I am better than he?


For sermons on Satan, See

For sermons on Satan, See “11. Satan” below.

Very few fundamental Baptists, much less members of other so-called “churches,” are equipped for the spiritual warfare God has called them to fight. Few have even a rudimentary understanding of the origin, goals, and dangers of Hollywood, movies, Disney, country music, rock and roll music, contemporary “Christian” music, the sports industry, etc. Few can explain biblical teaching concerning the God-given motivation and goal of a believer; the doctrines, practices, and order of a New Testament church;  the doctrine of government; the doctrine of separation of church and state; what the Bible teaches about repentance and salvation (not what they learned from a Jack Hyles workbook on “soul-winning”); spiritual warfare; history; the relationship between church and state; the distinctions between God’s dealings with Israel and God’s dealings with Gentile nations, etc.

The desertion from church by young people is a prime example of the results of this unlearned, unwise church membership. As children, they never understood biblical doctrines (never knew that biblical doctrines even existed). Thus, they never understood the evils of, for example, rock and roll music; country music; contemporary “Christian” music;” drinking; watching movies; television; getting caught up in following sports;  making heroes of sports stars; dancing, and much more. They were never 1stPageasJPEGtaught by their parents, the ones to whom God gave the responsibility. “Christian” parents depended upon unbiblical “youth programs,” “Christian” schools, and Sunday schools to ground their children in the faith. And of course church youth “ministries do not do that delegated job. Instead, these church endeavors have done and continue to do much more harm than good, especially when viewed in light of the metamorphosis of those programs to their present condition and effect.

The deterioration of society can be seen everywhere, even in the legal system. As a lawyer, Jerald Finney observes the state of the judicial system and those who practice therein. Most of the lawyers, judges, and other personnel within the system are nice, good, decent, hardworking people when viewed from a secular perspective. However, the system is now, like the rest of society, proceeding according to the principles of the god of this world. Two recent law review articles make this clear. A believer cannot understand this without a solid understanding of spiritual warfare. Click the links below to go to the articles:

A Long Time Ago, in a Courtroom Far, Far Away by John G. Browning (77 Texas Bar Journal, February 2014, 158-161). “To Boldly Go Where Few Judges Have Gone before: How the Bench Is Using a Pop-Culture Sci-Fi Classic to Explain Its Decisions” by John G. Browning (76 Texas Bar Journal, September 2013, 765-767). The Force Is All Around Us – Even In Our Courtrooms (Article by Jerald Finney)

The above articles demonstrate the truth of Pastor Jason Cooley’s preaching of the whole counsel of God.

To play, just click the link. To download, right click link and then left click “Save link as.” 

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