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Old Paths Baptist Church “No Small Stir” (Street Preaching) Ministry

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Old Paths Baptist Church Youtube Street Preaching Videos

Street Preaching: Legal Issues

The Trials and Tribulations of the Old Paths Baptist Church ‘No Small Stir’ Street Preaching Ministry

Sermons explaining and concerning street preaching

Notes taken on very poignant statements by a fellow believer and Chicago attorney:

If you don’t believe in evil, if all you are looking for is heaven, (like, dare I say most, pre-trib believers) there is no reason to do anything for the glory of God – just be a little good. It is OK to do everything the world does (drink, listen to evil music, dance, fornicate (includes sodomy), etc. because there is no hell for them. I “love” and I am good enough. Those so-called Christians believe in hell but they do not think they are going there. They have their “fire insurance,” they think. They think: “I have my ticket to heaven so I need do nothing for the glory of God the rest of my life.” They do not believe in hell, the devil or evil – or at least as applied to them – or they would love Bible preaching. Real Christians, as opposed to these fake believers, these children of the devil, would get down on their knees and say “Thank you” to Bible based street preachers.

People (e.g., the religious crowd, adulterers, fornicators, liars, thieves, etc.) are offended and want to shut you up when you preach the truth.

Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The World (072715)(This is true even in America. Bible preaching street preachers know this. This article includes an incident of abuse of street preachers at a gay pride parade. Of course, all those being called Christians and being persecuted because of it are not Christians as defined by the Bible, but many are. The Bible makes clear that God wishes no one to be persecuted by his fellow man because of his religion; God wants a nation to honor freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. I explain this in my writings and teachings.)

Article: Meet the street preachers harassing “sodomites” in downtown Minneapolis (020816)

The world hates the real Jesus. I am better than he?

Op-Ed article in 092414 Northfield News:
Street Preaching: A Misunderstood Blessing

The attack against the First Amendment freedom of speech, press, association, religion.

UK Seeking Crackdown On Street Preachers: It Is ‘Improper’ To ‘Talk About Morality’ (082315)(This is in England, not America, but the same spirit is working all over the world)

A storm has been forming since the inception of the First Amendment. That storm is now on the horizon in America. It has already hit other countries. The following entries establish this. This section is being started on June 28, 2015.

(1) UK Street Preacher Charged With ‘Causing Offense’ For Preaching Gospel/Comparing Islam With Christianity (100614)
(2) This Youtube entry of a street preacher in Boston who, while street preaching, is being yelled at and told to shut up by a little girl demonstrates the depravity of our society, in general. Little girl tells preacher to shut up.
Bible Teaching Could Soon Become A Crime With ‘Anti-Extremism Banning Orders’ (061715)
Pastor To Be Prosecuted For ‘Hate Crime’ Of Insulting Islam During Sermon (062015)
UK Seeking Crackdown On Street Preachers: It Is ‘Improper’ To ‘Talk About Morality’ (082315)

President John F. Kennedy Speech Warning Of Secret Societies on April 27, 1961
This speech stresses the importance of the First Amendment Freedom of Press which goes hand in hand with freedom of association, speech, and religion.

How To Make A Gospel Sign Frame/”Show Them A Sign Ministries (Youtube)
How To Street Preach/”Show Them A Sign Ministries” (Youtube)
Robert Flockhart, the soldier who became a passonate open air street preacher (with comments by Charles Spurgeon)

 Thunderpower 450 Megaphone Street Preaching Demonstration

Street Preaching in North Korea: Bro. John Short was arrested Sunday in PyongYang (North Korea) for possessing gospel literature and distributing it there. … “It’s a fascist state and they would take a very dim view of anyone distributing information that doesn’t concur with the state ideology. A worse place to be caught doing something like that is unimaginable.” Click here to go to article.

Article: Street preacher reaches agreement with city to keep preaching Gospel downtown (090814) by Amos Bridges. I realize that one cannot depend upon secular media for accurate reporting of facts, but taking this article on its face, the street preacher in this article and perhaps his lawyer did not know what they were doing as regards resolution of this case according to biblical principles. Street preacher, call Jerald Finney for a legal opinion before you act when confronted by the police and drug into the legal system.

Youtube: American arrested in Canada for preaching on a public sidewalk 

 Click here to go to Old Paths Baptist Church series on street preaching interviews started on February 16, 2015.


The Danger of the Modern Gospel (The preacher did a marvelous job of exposing a false gospel which was much the same as that hireling you met on the streets of Minnesota who also believed a false gospel in that he was rebuking those who preached the truth.)

Street Preaching at Ida’s Trail Of Lights (With preaching, support, + some oppositions, as to be expected as our examples of Jesus, the apostles, believers throughout the ages, etc.)

Street preaching in Sreet Parade (one of the largest techno party in the world) – Zürich 2014

Observer says, “You’re preaching the wrong way, Mr. Evangelist.

David Ickes wrote (Facebook 123013): “Isn’t it amazing how many Christians actually have no idea that evangelism is always public? It’s almost as if those guys don’t read their Bible.”

David Ickes wrote (Facebook 123013): “The only example of preaching in the entire new testament that was indoors was when Paul went to Troas on his way to Jerusalem at the end of his third Journey. And he put Eutychus to sleep. lol So I think these other guys have that part down. haha. Evangelism is Always public. In every case.”

David Ickes wrote (Facebook 123013): “So we teach our guys to leave the “preacher” on the pulpit we preach upon. When they get down, they act like civilized Christian men with some meekness, humility, and boldness. And they even take time to listen. Like being swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.”

David Ickes wrote (Facebook 123013): “Amen James it does. If you are referring to my use of the word preach, notice I put it in quotes. Because there is a difference between preaching to a crowd and preaching to a man. And if one doesn’t know the difference he will make a mockery of the ministry. And of Christ.”

David Ickes wrote (Facebook 123013): “This results in them getting BOTH wrong. They assemble wrong and they evangelize wrong. Nobody could convince me that isn’t Satanic doctrine.”

“Those that are born again Christians. Please pray for your brethren today as we do the work of an evangelist in the open air. There is no preaching in this video here. It is just pictures along with some music (songs that will bless a save).” Click here to view.

Street Preaching: Red Wing Hockey or Hell? – Articles: Does God Play A Role In Sports? (013013)
Half Of Americans Believe God, Supernatural Forces Play Role In Sports (011614)

Singing “Victory in Jesus” on the streets of Birmingham

Thunderpower 450 Megaphone Street Preaching Demonstration


The following photos are from street preaching at Icefest on January 14, 2014


Open Air Preacher Profile – Scott Smith

Open Air Preacher Profile of Robert Gray

Open Air Preacher Profile – Bobby McCreery

Open Air Preacher Profile of Tony Miano

Click here to go to “Open Air Evangelist – Preach at Detroit Tigers Opening Day – 2014”

Click here for Street Preaching from Indianapolis, Indiana by men from Fountain Square Baptist Church

E-mail comments on the last entry:

—– Forwarded Message —–
Sent: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 6:21 PM
Subject: RE: Open Air Evangelist – Preach at Detroit Tigers Opening Day – 2014 – YouTube
Great day it was. God is good!
There was more people than the world series. We were surrounded by more people than at indy,before the game and after it started. We most certainly need to start putting this event on the time off work list. So many lost and misguided people,right in our own backyard. This can,and should,be an all day event. We preached for only two hours,and could have been 8 hours easily. It was a crowded event that needed a crowd of preachers. Praise God for the protection and liberty given to us that day. God is good!

By His Grace Alone, John Alexander

2 Corinthians 5:14-15
14 For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead:
15 And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.

On Apr 1, 2014 7:00 PM, “George Calvas” <> wrote:

Wow!  Praise the Lord, for God is good.  I certainly prayed, but that was great day to preach! Amen and amen.

Click here to go to Gateway Anabaptist Church open air evangelism page on Youtube


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