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The Bible Trust Relationship: Essays and Other Resources

Post initiated November 10, 1017

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Essays, webpage, and PowerPoint which look at the Bible trust relationship and its recognition and application by American courts:

The numbers at the beginning of each article is the number assigned on the “Articles” webpage and indicates the order in which the article was added to this website.


Law on Church Organization (Trusts, Property tax, etc.)

Trust Explained


The Basics of the Bible Principle of Trust in Church Organization Explanation of “Trust,” as opposed to “Business Trust,” “Charitable Trust,” and other kinds of trusts. How can you know who to trust for the truth about these matters? How can you know if what is presented here is the truth? Etc.

Click here to go to PDF of comments which help explain the Powerpoint directly above. The presenter also stated other things, but these notes cover the most important matters.


86. What God Has Committed to Man’s Trust: “Ye Cannot Serve God and Mammon” (110817) (110817)
62. How a Church Can Organize to Remain a New Testament Church (Holding Property In Trust For God Is A Scriptural Principle Recognized by American Law) (050616)
40. Comparison of Bible Trust (ordinary trust), Incorporation (Includes corporation sole), and Ecclesiastical Law Center Trust (020815)
38. Is the “trust” recommended by this “Separation of Church and State Law Ministry” a legal entity? (103114)
61. Expose And Reject The Teachings and Methods of Church Organization Con-Artists and Charlatans (050616)
19. Spiritual versus Legal Entities (121512)
76. Exposing or Silently Co-existing with False Teaching Causes Suffering and Persecution from Within and Without a Church (050217)

37. Ecclesiastical Law Center Exposed (Booklet)

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