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Salvation and After

Salvation and After


salvation8Contents (the pages below this page):

I. God’s Plan of Salvation:
This page below will tell the unbeliever how to trust Christ to save him from his sin.

Another good source which lays out how to be saved can be assessed by clicking the following link:

The question is ARE YOU SAVED

II. After Salvation:
This page is for the believer. One who is a spiritual baby needs to begin to walk in the spirit and grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If he does not, he will remain a spiritual baby; and, as such, will not be fruitful in the spiritual warfare of this world.

III. Church Membership/Model Church

IV. The Motivation and the Goal

V. King James Bible

VI. Bible Study/Links to Some of Jerald Finney’s Bible Study Notes

Dave Muralt was one of the greatest men of God I have ever known. God blessed me when Dave became my friend. Click here to hear his instruction, which includes singing, on evangelizing children. “I will sing a new song unto thee, Oh God.” It will bless you.

Martyr’s Song by Watchmen


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