Separation of Church and State Law

For a short, but pithy, explanation of dispensations in the Bible see Short Explanation of “Dispensation,” Dr. J. Vernon McGee.

Jerald Finney includes some basic notes on dispensations. He has read much more on the subject of the dispensations in the Bible than is recorded in his notes, as is reflected in his book God Betrayed/Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American Application. He considers this subject, along with many others including new insights shown him by the Holy Spirit, each time he reads through the Bible. See the online version of one chapter from God Betrayed which deals with Dispensation Theology: Dispensation Theology versus Covenant Theology. See also, Definition, organization, and purposes of a church for more on Jerald Finney’s views of Dispensational theology.

One cannot deny that there are dispensations in the Bible. In that sense, Jerald Finney is a dispensationalist. However, one must be careful not to follow the dispensational teachings of, for example, hyperdispensationalists. The standard is the teaching in the Bible.

The following dispensations are one list of the dispensations in the bible. Left click a link to go to the page for that dispensation:

1. Innocency

2. Conscience

3. Human Government

4. Promise

5. Law

6. Grace

7. Fullness of Times

8. Dispensation of the Kingdom

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