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Attacks on First Amendment Protection of Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, and Association

This page is being initiated on June 27, 2017. These attacks against the First Amendment have been going on for years. I just thought of adding this page.
Please send links to any articles on this subject to and I will add them to this page.

The above is a left-wing lie instituted by the devil and his followers. No free speech means tyranny prevails.

Berkeley Mayor Urges UC Berkeley To Cancel Free Speech Week (August 28, 2017)
MEDIA CRITICISM: WaPo Gives Stunningly Accurate Account Of Antifa Attacks On ‘Peaceful Protestors’ by WILL RICCIARDE (August 28, 2017)
Scarborough Rips Berkeley College For Failing To Defend Free Speech (August 28, 2017)
Anarchy in Berkeley: A hundred black-clad antifascists with ‘no hate’ signs storm rally, pepper spray leader of conservative Patriot Prayer group and clash with cops (August 27. 2017)
Yikes: Most Americans Favor Banning Speeches and Books From Extreme Elements (August 25, 2017)
St. Louis’s Unholy War on Religious Liberty (August 21, 2017)(“…Can Christian churches and organizations require employees, from teachers to ministers, to uphold Christian teaching in word and deed? Not in St. Louis, Missouri, where earlier this year the abortion lobby muscled through a city ordinance that directly attacks the freedoms of religion, speech, and association. Although it was promoted as an anti-discrimination measure, the actual purpose of the law is to destroy the self-government of religious and pro-life organizations….)
Minneapolis installs Shariah hotline for ‘hate speech’ snitches (June 21, 2107)(In the article, Michelle Bachman accurately states “Hate speech hotlines operate as government enforcement of fascism,” she said in an email to WND. “They are a denial of free speech and the very definition of government censorship.” Read more in the article. Muslims and others need to learn and accept American law, not try to impose their law on us with the help of ignorant dupes like Minneapolis liberals. they need to know the history of the First Amendment which separates church and state. See The History of the First Amendment. Of course, Muslims believe in union of church and state and want to impose their abominable beliefs on Americans.)
School Officials Declare Playgrounds ‘No-Jesus’ Zones (August 8, 2016)(Australia)
U.S. town bans residents from criticizing mosque (August 2, 2017)(Interesting. Attacks against free speech are coming not only from those who practice or support sexual perversion but also from those who practice, support, or cave in to the Islamic religion. Satan works in many ways.)
Muslim Demands Pig Farmer Move Because They’re Building A Mosque Next Door, Farmer Has Perfect Response (June 26, 2017)(Muslims want the government to enforce their religious beliefs. That is not the way it works in America.)
In Canada, Big Brother Is Ready to Raid Your Home and Steal Your Child (June 27, 2017)(The Supreme Court’s incorrect opinion legalizing the marriage of people of the same sex (which is no marriage at all in fact – see The Hierarchy of Law as it relates to sodomy and sodomite marriage (060115), The Proper Response by believers and churches to Obergefell, the United States Supreme Court same sex marriage decision (063015)) is one more step toward the destruction of freedom of speech, religion, press, and association. This article makes that point. From this article:In 2015, Dawn Stefanowicz, herself the child of a gay father who died of AIDS, raised her voice as well. The headline to her article read, ‘A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights.‘ She wrote, ‘I want to warn America to expect severe erosion of First Amendment freedoms if the US Supreme Court mandates same-sex marriage. The consequences have played out in Canada for ten years now, and they are truly Orwellian in nature and scope.'”)
Republican Senator Slams Speech Censorship on College Campuses
(June 27, 2017)
Link to article: First Amendment Ultimate Safeguard Against Encroaching Shariah In America (October 31, 2015)

Berkeley Mayor Urges UC Berkeley To Cancel Free Speech Week (August 28, 2017)
The Roberts Court Has Been a First Amendment Champion by Steve Chapman (July 27, 2017)
First Amendment Protection of New Testament Churches/Federal Laws Protecting State Churches (Religious Organizations)
(February 2010)
1,000 Pastors who pledge to defy IRS and preach politics from pulpit ahead of election misunderstand the law and the hierarchy of law (October 3, 2012)
Tract on the Legality of Street Preaching
(More Supreme Court cases of benefit to freedom of speech have come down since this tract was drafted, all in line with cases discussed on the tract. See, Court Cases of Interest.)
The Legality of Door-to-Door Evangelism (December 10, 1011)
Business Owners Try To Shut Down Street Preaching In Northfield, Minnesota (August 17, 2014)(They were unsuccessful)
Street Preaching: A Misunderstood Blessing (September 24, 2014)(Published in the Northfield News)
Will Churches in America Have a Choice about Sodomite Marriage: A short critique of the article “Christian schools will have no choice about gay marriage: Column” as it relates to churches (May 23, 2015)
The Hierarchy of Law as it relates to sodomy and sodomite marriage (June 1, 2015)
Republican Response to Obergefell – Wrong!!!! (July 7, 2015)
Response to Obergefell, the United States Supreme Court same sex marriage decision (June 30, 2015)
Can a church force a homosexual to turn straight to stay in the church? (September 9, 2015)
Lawyers answer question about speech in the public forum in America (September 19, 2015)
Moslem question concerning free speech in America with answers from lawyers (2015)
December 22, 2013: Lawless Police Officer Attacks Street Preaching In Northfield, Minnesota
OPBC Street Preachers Actions against University of Minnesota Peace Officer who acted unlawfully (October 30, 2015) For more on this see: The Trials and Tribulations of the Old Paths Baptist Church ‘No Small Stir’ Street Preaching Ministry
Letter to city officials concerning up-coming street preaching by the men of OPBC (October 21, 2015)
Kicking someone out of church for speech, the state church versus the New Testament church, and Nicolaitism (January 16, 2016)
Is Separation of Church and State Found in the Constitution? (February 2014)
Articles, etc. chronicling and analyzing the attacks, including and beginning with the Northfield MN attacks, against OPBC street preachers (June 27, 2017)


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