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Murdering Unborn Babies

This page is being initiated July 11, 2015.
Last updated 4/28/17

Click here for links to up to date articles on murdering unborn babies.

In this audio teaching from 1 Samuel 1, a woman is crying for a child. What happens when a woman takes her exalted place. Learn that from this study by clicking here.

Relevant sermons  covering matters such as Charles Darwin’s influence on abortion and other important resources linked to below.

The Trumpet-on-line Condemns Abortion Clinic Killings (112815)(I, as a believer totally agree with this article.)

See “Abolish Human Abortion” by clicking here.

USdeathsThe Trumpet-on-line Condemns Abortion Clinic Killings (112815)(I, as a believer totally agree with this article.)

Birth Control And The Bible; Are We Really Against Abortion?” on (080215)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)

Satan’s Kingdom Coming In Like A Flood – God Is Raising Up Deliverers,” on (083115)(Click here for Youtube of this message with graphic images.)


The images of the murdered unborn babies were not photoshopped. Praise the Lord! The “City Pages” printed the Gospel message in this article. Click above to go to the online article.

I Sought For A Man And Found None – Who Will Go To The Valley Of Slaughter” on (032316)(Click here for Youtube of this sermon.)(This sermon is linked to here because it deals with the failures of pastors in America to spiritually (not physically) confront the murderers of unborn babies. The sermon emphasizes that murdering abortionists is totally unacceptable since to do so violates God’s instructions to believers.)

March 7, 2016 Sound the Battle Cry Radio Broadcast:
Witches And Abortion: The History Of Child Sacrifice 

Ben Shapiro Ben Shapiro Asked About Abortion Permission After Rape

Ben Shapiro answers questions from college students on abortion

For more from Ben Shapiro on abortion, google Ben Shapiro youtube on abortion.

Do you know the role Charles Darwin and his followers played in legalizing abortion? Listen to the following sermons to learn the answer:



America and American religious organizations (including legal entities such as incorporated 501c3 or 508 churches) have steadily grown worse. Many religious organizations have not gone as far as the Baptist church talked about in “8/10/15 STBC Special Report: Baptist Church Throws Out Doctrine in Exchange For New Age Tolerance:  on Youtube; on, but all (yes all) are compromised and have betrayed our Lord to one degree or another; of course, I refer to organizations who call themselves churches, but are really religious organizations. Any church which is a legal entity as opposed to a New Testament church is a religious organization. Corporations (sole or aggregate), unincorporated associations, charitable or business trusts, 501c3 or 508 “churches” are legal entitites and religious organizations which have betrayed the Lord to one degree or another .

17I preached at my rest home ministry in 2001 against Bush’s reaction to 911. Basically, I said that Bush just did not get it, that America was a moral cesspool, kills 1.5 million babies a year, sexual sin is rampant, etc. and yet Bush said they are evil and we are good. I said America needed to repent, turn to God, etc. not boast of any perceived goodness. I have defended several abortion clinic sidewalk counselors falsely accused of crimes, etc. I have cried out to the Lord over America’s killing of unborn babies.

America has killed more than 50 million babies. The slaughter will continue. This is the worst of the sins of America for which God is judging and will judge America; the promotion and practice of sexual immorality of all kinds, accompanied by pride in and lies about such behavior, runs second (See The Sodomite Agenda, Religious Organizations, and Government Tyranny). I just received the link to

Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos of Calif. company officials (072915)

Abortion Clinic Employees — “Babies born alive daily.”

4On the right side of the page on which the above video is shown are links to a lot of other abortion videos. America, in general, has lost its conscience. Not only that, sexual sins are rampant and encouraged in America.

The new American religion, postmodernism, says that all lifestyles, beliefs, philosophies, and truth claims are equal, and that no one has a right to say that someone else’s are wrong; that all will be tolerated except the intolerable. Thus, true Christianity is inherently intolerable and will not be tolerated. Sodomites, lesbians, adulterers, baby murderers, etc. will be tolerated. In fact, they revel in their sins. They take pride in their sins. And the day is fast approaching when born again believers will no longer have the freedom to tell the truth about sin without persecution; the day when toleration replaces freedom.

2A minority in this society still live a somewhat moral life. An even smaller (very small) minority are born again (See God’s Plan of Salvation for Bible teaching on how to become a child of God as opposed to remaining a child of the devil. The people of Old Paths Baptist Church care about others and wish all, including the worst of sinners, to come to a knowledge of, and act upon truth.). An even smaller minority are born again believers who are educated in God’s word; who seek to organize their personal lives, families, and churches according to the relevant principles in God’s word; and who are fighting the spiritual warfare the Bible tells them to fight (See After Salvation for information on how to grow in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom after one is saved). The great majority in American are sinners who are proud of their sin.

Make perfect sense.

Make perfect sense.

But no nation, no government can take the life or liberty of a believer. The losers in the new society are sinners who refuse to repent and trust Christ to save them from their sin. The Bible told us these days would come. Educated believers alive now are only surprised that these days have come so quickly. America is being judged by God; the final and catastrophic judgment of America is yet to come but can be seen on the horizon.

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